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It's All in the Presentation!
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It's NOT

about WHAT you

have to present!

It's about

HOW you present

what you have!


 It's All in the


   Whether your property, room or space is: large or small; appointed simply or in great detail; and/or your furnishings are upscale or modest, if the presentation is good, so will be the impact and the ‘feeling’ created. Conversely, a poor presentation will have the opposite effect. You don’t have to spend lots of money on furnishings and re-modeling to make a good presentation.
   What is “presentation” all about? In addition to the obvious issues of cleanliness and lack of clutter, there are some basic, simple design principles to follow including: i.) balance, ii.) no overcrowding, iii.) proper set-up/treatment of focal points, and iv.) judicious use of accessories.
  The basic design and decorating principles are simple, universal and never change. Why? Because they are based on how the brain reacts to input from the senses, particularly sight. Katchart DIY DVD packages simply and effectively teach decorating and design principles by “connecting the dots".


Katchart_Story_Staging_After.JPGAfter Staging

   Whether your project is:

make it a success by optimizing the presentation: easily, simply and economically, with a Katchart DIY Decorating and Design DVD.