Katchart DIY DVDs
For Design and Decorating of Homes and Property
Staging to sell  /  Defining to set up  /  Redefining to make over

Katchart Commitment to Customer Success

Katchart is committed to making its customers succeed whether they are:
                 staging property for a faster, more profitable sale:
                 defining (setting up and decrating a new home or addition: or
                 redefining (making over rooms and/or spaces) for a new look and feel.

To achieve this commitment, Katchart has:


decorating &

design DVDs




a simple



Katchart DIY DVD packages are unique and designed to teach:
The Katchart DVD packages:
              STAGING FOR SELLERS (staging for sale)
              DEFINING PROPERTY (new home or addition decorating and set up) 
              REDEFINING PROPERTY (room and space makeovers)
were specificially designed and organized as teaching tools; to easily and simply "connect the dots" of decorating and design for Katchart customers.

Katchart Design & Decorating Articles and Tips

To supplement Katchart's unique design and decorating DIY DVDs, Katcart (and its sister design and decorating service company, Lifestyle Sources, Inc., have produced a number of articles and tips on this website for the free use by its website visitors.     These articles and tips either supplement the information in Katchart's DIY DVD packages or provide additional information Katchart believes may benefit our customers and help them succeed with their design & decorating projects. These articles and tips are also designed to "teach."

The Katchart Teaching Metric 

To measure its Customer Commitment goal/mission, Katchart uses only one very simple metric to measure its performance - Do Katchart's DVDs, articles and tips teach the subject  by connecting all the dots" of decorating and design principles?

If these DVD packages, articles and tips meet Katchart's simple "teaching" metric, then  Katchart believes it has met its Customer Commitmnent (for success).