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A Katchart DIY Design & Decorating DVD for new home set-up & decorating

1. What is Defining?  Defining is design and decoration applied to a Project of setting-up and decorating newly acquired property (rooms and spaces in a home, house, apartment, townhouse, condo, vacation home, addition, etc.). The characteristics of this type of Project are: i.) no existing design and decoration plan because the property is empty; ii.) a lot of rooms and spaces to do in a short time (the stress of moving); and iii.) the target audience is the new owner/occupier).  As with any other design and decorating Project; for Defining -  "It's All in the Presentation."
   [Notes: In Katchart's DEFINING PROPERTY DVD Package, a furnished home is used for the "befores" rather than empty rooms and spaces. An empty (room or space) before is not very good for "teaching" purposes. This DVD also has some helpful hints for managing the move and the set-up process to lessen the stress of moving.] 

2. Don't just cram things in: This is is your new home that you have spent a lot of time, money and effort to get into. You shouldn't let the stress of moving in keep you from defining it with your style and making it your showplace. For most people, when the the movers arrive with your things, a race starts to get set -up and through all of those boxes,etc. as fast as possible. This is "cramming," not defining (designing and decorating.
    Also, it is amazing how hard it is to get back to these rooms to do it right as you promised yourself. on the other hand, the best and easiest way to define a room or space is when the room/space is empty. Why not take advantage of this opportunity.

3. Seize the moment by taking the time to define (design and decorate) and enjoy the experience: Yes, it will take more time initially to get through all that "stuff" the movers just left, if you define.  However, in the end, most people end up spending less time over-all, setting up their new home, when they define than if they use the "jam & cram" approach.
     Do it right the first time with Katchart's DEFINING PROPERTY design and decorating DIY DVD. It has been designed and organized to teach you how to define your new home or addition;  easily, effeffectively and economically.

4. You don't have to use everything: You have enough furnishings all ready. In fact, you probably have too much. If your definiton plan (design and decorating plan) for a room or space calls for less furnishings than you have, then you shouldn't use the extras just for the sake of just fitting them in.
   Whatever your project (staging for sale, defining for new home set-up and decorating, or redefining for room and space makeovers), in the world of home design and decorating, a universal truism is "less is better." It's your home and your design and decorating plan. Enjoy!