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Below is a listing of of various Katchart design & decorating articless; each with a short summary and a link (by clicking on the aricle Title) to the full article, These articles, which are provided free for Katchart customers and website visitors, add to or expand on the contents of Katchart's DIY DVD packages: STAGING FOR SELLERS for staging homes and property for faster, more profitabe sale, DEFINING PROPERTY for defining (or setting up and decorating) new homes and additions, and REDEFINING PROPERTY for redefining (or making over) rooms and spaces. These Articles are updated from time-to-time. Katchart invites questions and feedbck on its Articles.

    The Katchart DIY DVD Story
How Katchart developed its unique approach of "teaching" DVD packages on decorating & design and its tag line "It's All in the Presentation."

      About Katchart DIY DVDs
A series of commonly asked questions and answers on the reasons for getting a Katchart DIY DVD package.

  Katchart's Dual DVD Approach
Dual DVD packages are used because they are the best way to teach design and decorating. 

      The Difference Between 
      Design and Decorating

Design refers to how a room or space is laid out or defined by the large furnishings. Decorating is more optional and depends on personal tastes in the accessories, colors, etc. 

        The WHYs of Staging
Understanding the "why"  (the reason for and desired effect) of a room or space design is of critical importance when a property is being staged to sell.

          Learning to Stage
What is Staging and why is it so important. An addendum is included showing a before and after and discussing the objectives for staging the room.  

     The Basics of Makeovers
A summary review of the redefining  (or making over) design principles and they amazing effect they have on a makeover project.

              Little Things Matter
Whatever the reason you are designing & decorating for (staging, setting up or making over). the “Little Things”  do make an impact, whether or not they are conscienceouly noticed.

            First Impressions
When it comes to staging property for sale, a critically important goal is to create positve first impressions.

                     Fine Tuning
Fine Tuning is the last step to finishing off any room or space and it brings it all together.

                   The Case For
             Window Treatments*

Window treatments can add greatly to any room/space. They help "define" the area; add ambience and char- acter; and change the look and feel.

*Reader's Note:
This article is linked from the website of Lifestyle Sources, Inc. a Katchart sister company based in Dallas for design & decorating services and consulting. To return to here, click on the return arrow (←) at the top of your browser screen.