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Katchart Design and Decorating Tips
Listing & Summary

Below is a listing of of various Katchart design & decorating tips; each with a short summary and a link (by clicking on the aricle Title) to the full article, These tips, which are provided free for Katchart customers and website visitors, contain additional/supplemental design, decorating or related information to the contents of Katchart's DIY DVD packages: STAGING FOR SELLERS for staging homes and property for faster, more profitabe sale, DEFINING PROPERTY for defining (or setting up and decorating) new homes and additions, and REDEFINING PROPERTY for redefining (or making over) rooms and spaces. These Tips are updated from time-to-time. Katchart invites questions and feedbck on its Tips.

A helpful chart on lighting listing: different functions, uses, how they work, different styles, lighting tips for staging, and example photos.

        Pre-Staging Checklist
A checklist of things you should do or consider before staging or listing your property.

       "Space Differentiation"
Some tips on space differentiation: designing a (larger) room or space with more than one function (e.g. room used as both an office & sitting room).

   "Living in a Staged Property"
Suggestions for keeping your staged property looking wel if you have to live there

Flowers add so much to any setting. In this short article, a number of tips are given for extending the life of your flowers.

           Staging Closets
Some helpful hints for organizing with a special emphasis on how to stage them for optimal presentation to prospective buyers.

A Lighting Example

The photo to the right is given as an example of "Task Lighting" in Lighting Tips. When this desk lamp is being used for reading or use of the secretary, it is task lighting. When the desk lamp is being used to highlight (the secretary) or to create a "mood" or engaging environment, it becomes an example of "Accent" lighting.

If the "Ambient" lighting in a room or space is not uniform (e.g. the are dark(er) spots or areas like a dark corner, for example), then, as explainrd in the Katchart DVDs, "Accent" lighting can be used to "bring" the darker area back into the room or space, making the room or space appear larger.

Task Lighting